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As you guys know from my previous Kylie Cosmetics post, I'm a big fan of Jenner's lip kits, and her holiday collections are usually the items that make me splurge - I'm a sucker for limited edition packaging, which makes me a marketing team's dream customer. I loved the lippies I grabbed from her Christmastime collection, but for the Valentine's Day Collection I decided to skip on the lip kits and snag something different: eyeshadows. (Or, umm, Kyshadows.)

I purchased two of the Valentine's gift sets, one in summery Kiss Me and the other in wintery Smooch. For around $20, each kit comes with an eyeshadow duo (one matte and one metallic shade), a mini liquid lipstick and a mini gloss. Keep in mind, these lip products are extremely tiny - my guess is that they'd last around 5 applications at best, so treat them more so as color testers, which can be helpful in deciding which colors you might want to purchase in full size!

The Kiss Me kit comes with two Kyshadows in matte Main Squeeze and metallic Sweet Thing. I'm using the word "metallic" simply because that's what Kylie Cosmetics advertises the finish as, but in reality, it's more of a glittery shimmer. Both shades swatched with a good amount of pigment, but Sweet Thing was definitely a bit chunky and crumbly. Nevertheless, I ended up using these both in a super cute coral eye look (with Tarte's "smarty pants" as my ultimate transition shade!) and they both applied and blended out flawlessly, with just a little fallout from Sweet Thing. The look lasted me a full day out in the hot sun without any fading, which was a major plus.

From L-R: Sweet Thing, Main Squeeze, Poppin' gloss, Dirty Peach liquid lipstick.

The kit also comes with the Dirty Peach liquid lip and the Poppin' gloss, the latter of which was originally a limited edition item from Kylie's Birthday Collection. The lipstick was nice, but Poppin' was definitely the kit standout, and if it ever does come back as a full size gloss I will most definitely snag it up. This was my first time trying out a Kylie Cosmetics gloss, and I definitely see myself picking up more in the future. Not sticky and super pigmented!

The Smooch Kit comes with shadows called Poison Berry and In Love, and while they swatched slightly better than the Kiss Me kit's shadows, which took a minute but ultimately blended to perfection, I still found this set less impressive. Maybe it's because I feel like I've seen these colors in just about every holiday collection this year, but they didn't strike me as new or exciting.

From L-R: In Love, Poison Berry, Damn Gina gloss, Gorg liquid lipstick.

However, the kit also comes with two mini lip products from the very limited edition KoKo Kollection, lipstick Gorg and gloss Damn Gina, which are both serious show-stoppers. Kylie does do an awful lot of berry lip kits (and recently got called out for it), but the Koko Collection shades are seriously some of her best, so getting to play around with them in this kit makes it a worthwhile purchase in my book.

Out of the two sets I purchased I prefer the Kiss Me set, primarily because the colors are unique additions to my makeup collection, as I've never had a go-to peachy coral look before. While I love the specialty red packaging, I definitely don't think these mini kits are the greatest thing Kylie Cosmetics has to offer, but their value for money made them a great way to try out certain products, which is helpful for investing in the full-size versions later on. After getting to swatch these sets, I'll definitely be snagging a Kyshadow palette in the near future!

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