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Hi, hello, and welcome to SS2020 fashion week, baby! I've been running around all week at shows, presentations, parties, and events, and at this point, I've pretty much mastered jam-packing a cute purse with just the essentials. Read on for a peek into what I've been bringing backstage and on the go.

iPhone Tripod

Believe it or not, the super bendy legs on this baby allow me to fit it into most of my tiny handbags, including the little black satin Prada one I wore a ton this week! I self-time the majority of my photos, so this is a must for me. I got it on Amazon here!

Makeup Basics

I'm usually a pack-a-full-face kind of girl, but I try to be more strategic during fashion week, since I'm not carrying a tote I can cram a full makeup bag in. I always bring blotting powder, concealer, my lipstick or lipgloss of the day, and a Beauty Blender Power Pocket Puff to blend and reapply the powder. If I can fit a setting spray, too, that's a huge win!

Nails + Nail Glue

Y'all know I swear by my KISS nails, but every now and then, accidents happen! Just in case a nail pops off or breaks, I always bring a tiny tube of nail glue to fix my fingers before anyone notices. On the days I rocked Euphoria-inspired makeup with rhinestones on the eyes, I also threw in a lash glue in case any gems needed to be reapplied, which they fortunately did not.

Hair Brush

I gave myself the gift of not washing my hair this fashion week (Shout out to all the hair clips, headbands, and scrunchies that got me through!), so my Coco & Eve brush and the occasional mini dry shampoo definitely made an appearance in my bag most days.

House Keys

This one is obvious. Anyone know of a cute keychain I should invest in?

I'm on the hunt for something better than a black hair tie, but it's surprisingly hard to beat.

Portable Charger & Phone

If my bag can't fit my portable charger, then I'm not bringing it to the show. End of story! With so much content to capture (& so much time to kill!), my phone battery almost always drains down to 10% before the actual fashion show begins, so I make sure to have a portable charger to give it some juice. This one was a random freebie, but I also have one by that I love because of how slim it is.


Rather than bring my full wallet, I stick with just the essentials: License, debit card, and metro card.

Cute Sunnies

During fashion week, I usually swap out my go-to aviators for sunnies that are slightly more chic, like this incredible pair by Poppy Lissiman.

Great for posing for street style photographs!

More NYFW posts to come, including photos from my favorite shows and what I wore each day. Hope you enjoy!

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