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As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I'm not necessarily a die-hard fragrance fan, but I'm most likely to reach for perfume in summer, when I'd prefer to smell like a bouquet of roses or a sea breeze instead of a sweaty, fresh-from-the-New-York-City-subway mess. Since I don't currently have a go-to "signature scent," I was over the moon when iconic perfume company Krigler invited me to spend a morning at The Plaza Hotel and learn all about their incredible history, as well as a few new launches.

Beyond content in a beautiful Plaza suite, I sat and listened as Ben Krigler told me the history of his family's perfume business, which he is the fifth generation to own and operate. I was already familiar with Krigler thanks to my deep love of all things Fitzgerald. I knew F. Scott himself wore Lieber Gustav 14, and Ben didn't hesitate to tell me a story in which, after discovering the scent was inspired by the longing of love letters, an impulsive Zelda Fitzgerald poured an entire bottle on Scott. I swear, all history books should have a chapter devoted Krigler, because this was just one of the incredible tales Ben had to share with me, and I could've listened all day long.

Fitzgerald fan or not, chances are one of your favorite celebrities has spritzed a Krigler fragrance in his or her day. Allow me to rattle off a few household names, all of whom loved the brand's special perfumes, and many of whom have claimed one in particular as their signature scent: JFK, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel...I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture. Can you see why I was so eager to find my own Krigler signature scent?

A little more backstory before I delve into their newest creations. Krigler began in 1879, when Albert Krigler (Ben's great-great-grandfather) created a perfume called Pleasure Gardenia 79 to gift his fiancé in lieu of an engagement ring, which was something he could not afford. How romantic! The scent went on to be Coco Chanel's favorite, FYI, and I'm lucky to own a bottle myself. However, my top faves are Manhattan Rose 44 and English Promenade 19, worn by Audrey Hepburn whilst filming Roman Holiday. To buy a Krigler fragrance, one must order directly off of the brand's website or visit one of their luxe shops, of which only three exist in the United States. Of course, The Plaza houses one, so us New Yorkers are truly blessed.

And now, to rant and rave about Krigler's newest launches. Palm Dream 219 is not immediately what I expect when I imagine a scent inspired by Palm Beach — to be clear, it's much, much better. When Ben Krigler told me the Palm Beach Hotel had inspired the fragrance, I was expecting something coastal and beachy, but the woodsy floral scent is luxe and warm, playing off of the idea of hot sand, not salt water and sunscreen. It's comforting and refreshing at the same time, and my mood lifts each time I wear it.

Another new drop? The most gorgeous Krigler candle, in scent America One 31, which launched just in time for Fourth of July, because of course it did. The gorgeous blue glass component is reminiscent of the actual perfume's bold blue coloring, and the fresh, spicy scent is representative of the American spirit. It's actually the first Krigler scent to have been developed in New York, which makes it extra-special, if you ask me. Personally, I don't know if this unisex fragrance would sit on my skin as well as Palm Dream 219, Manhattan Rose 44, and English Promenade 19 do, but as a candle, it suits my home flawlessly, and it's an equally gorgeous decorative piece.

The best part about my morning learning all things Krigler? There are so many more scents to smell and stories to tell. If you're ever lucky enough to be near a Krigler shop, my advice is short and sweet: Go in, take a whiff, and treat yourself.

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