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Hi all! Super quick post to announce a few site changes and give you the low down on my new 'do. As you've (hopefully) noticed, I changed up my blog layout, and I plan on keeping my actual posts a lot shorter and more to-the-point as well. Also, to ensure I'm giving you as much content as possible, I'll be using iPhone photos in addition to my camera shots, an approach which I refused for so long, but times have changed, and here we are. If you've only ever peeped the blog from your phone, I highly recommend giving me a chance on your laptop — this whole thing looks way nicer on a big screen, in my humble opinion.

Anyway, let's get down to business. This weekend, while visiting my family in New Jersey, I decided to impulse dye my blonde balayage pink. I knew I wouldn't want to deal with the consequences in a few weeks, though, so I decided to hit up my local Target and snag a bottle of the Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint, a product well-beloved by every pink-haired lady on Instagram. Ten minutes, a few sprays, and a blow dry session later, my blonde strands were pink, and my brown roots gave the whole look a freshly-dyed-for-real feel.

I can't stress enough how easy this product is to use. You're meant to spritz it on wet hair to apply, but because dry hair will absorb the color in a more dramatic way, I applied on dry strands, which keep in mind, the brand does not recommend. Nevertheless, I loved the outcome, so my spontaneity was totally worth it! As far as feeling, my hair is a little more dry to the touch with the spray on, but some oil fixed the appearance of dryness in seconds. Otherwise, it looks and feels like real dye. It hasn't transferred onto my hands, my clothes, or my white sheets at all, which is a major blessing.

The best part about this dye? It's meant to wash out in a handful of showers, so I haven't ruined the hair-painting dye job my beloved stylist Michelle at Mimi's Salon works so hard to perfect. She's the best colorist I know, and I'll never stop raving about her! Even so, my DIY itch can kick in from time to time, so I'm so glad I've found a temporary product for when I don't want to bother her for a dramatic hair change. This is also an awesome product if you're considering going pink for real, and just want to give it a test run. To be honest, the longer I see myself with the pink, I'm tempted to dye it back! I did rose gold locks a year and a half ago in the summer, and it was a great (albeit short-lived) look.

Hope everyone who was asking enjoyed getting a little more info on my hair! Let me know if you plan on trying out the Kristin Ess line for yourself.

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