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Hey, so if you know me, you know I'm a fan of weekly washing—washing and styling my hair just once a week and letting it progress from fresh curls to messy, beachy waves. With the help of a strong dry shampoo (I like the IGK First Class Charcoal Detox!) to keep hair looking fresh, and a powerful scalp scrub (IGK's Low Key is a favorite) when it's time to hit the showers, my weekly routine usually works in my favor, and I find my hair looks its best closer to the end of the cycle.

Still, say I get a little lazy and try to make it one more dirty day? Total disaster. The perfectly-imperfect messy tresses get greasy and matted on Day 8, every time. Hair can only take so much! If I'm not in the mood to de-gunk it all myself, I turn to a professional and treat myself to a blowout. My secret to getting a great experience each time? The Prête app.

Prête is an app that allows you to book blowouts in your city via your phone in seconds. You buy a membership or package (as low as one session for $35 up to a year's worth of unlimited blowouts for $1499), select your location and time range, and Prête will work its magic and find you a salon nearby with availability. It literally takes me seconds to book a blowout, whereas before I would've spent hours stalking salon Instagrams, or skipped the process altogether and settled for my scalp scrub.

I've already used the app three times, and been sent to three equally impressive salons. On this particular day, I was feeling a little down, so I decided to partake in a blowout for the sake of self care. That's the other major bonus of the app: because you pay in advance, there's that free-ish, treat-yourself impulsive feeling when you can book in seconds without checking your account. The app doesn't include your tip, though, so make sure to bring cash!

Pre-Blowout, 8th Day Hair: Crispy, dry, yellowed ends + dark, greasy roots, masked by my very chic "between blowouts" hat courtesy of the Prête team.

Post-Blowout: I'm not one to ask for a perfectly-coiffed style. I asked for clean hair, volume, and a tousled, lived-in straight-wave. Mission accomplished.

When my hair is freshly washed and styled, my color looks more flattering, my ends aren't crispy, and I can run my hands through my roots without getting trapped in a greasepit. I always opt for a low-key style, and this was done with just a blow dryer and no curler, but if you're a full-curls kind of girl, most salons are happy to comply. Let's just say I had a few too many poodle moments from salon trips in my childhood, so for now I'll stick to the messier look.

If you guys are a fan of regular blowouts, or just looking for a way to treat yourself every now and then, I highly recommend checking Prête out if you're in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, San Fran, Nashville, Orange County, or San Diego. If you're reading from Houston, DC, or Miami, stay tuned! They're making their way to you soon.

In stressful times, self-care is everything, and for me it could be a face mask or a great book. It's not always superficial. But something about being pampered really does put one at ease, and I'm taking full advantage of this app for the "me time" I deserve—especially if it doubles as a great hair day.

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