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Hey, so if you've been to a Sephora or Ulta recently, you might have noticed the overabundance of products promising glowy, radiant skin. Whereas last year we couldn't get enough of a fully matte bake and opaque, bone-dry liquid lip, this year it's all about the dew—and I'm in favor!

A natural radiance is about so much more than highlighter—it starts with skincare first. I spent so long catering only to my acne for so many years, that even when my breakouts cleared, my skin itself was dehydrated and dull. Lately, taking steps towards a well-moisturized, hydrated, glowy complexion is my main focus when it comes to skincare, and in case you were looking for some must-haves, I decided to do a little roundup here of my hydrating, glowy beauty must-haves. Read on for your brightest complexion yet.

Vitamin C is essential for conjuring a radiant glow from within. This mask comes in stick form, which means it takes seconds to apply a mess-free coat, and it's way easier to throw in an overnight bag than my other vitamin C masks, which are primarily packaged in jars. The drugstore price tag is just a bonus—I'd be willing to pay way more to get these same brightening results.

Listen Up: If you're looking for a magic product, you've found it. I use this little blue tube as a mask, moisturizer, eye cream, primer and more, and it leaves my skin looking plump and feeling soft almost instantly after applying. It's the only product I've kept consistent for over a month in an ever-changing skincare routine, and I would seriously recommend this to anyone and everyone in need of hydration. It also nearly saved my life when I had to apply makeup over a peeling sunburnt forehead—somehow, it still looked good. Like I said, magic.

This is the first sunscreen I've ever come across that doesn't mess up my makeup—in fact, it makes it look better. It's basically a super glowy, highlighting primer, but with the added bonus of great SPF. I'm guilty of not wearing an SPF on a daily basis, but this is one product that allows me to do so, so I recommend it to anyone else who hates the idea of slathering on a traditional sunscreen before going full glam.

THIS. Holy glow. If you want to look runway-sweaty-chic, use this product's extra large doe foot applicator to dot it across your entire face, and then rub it in and wonder when you'll be approached to be a supermodel in a skincare campaign. It delivers SO much glow instantly—and if it's too much for you to rock a full-dewy face, you can use it where you'd normally apply highlighter for a little added oomph. I love wearing this and a little bit of brow when I'm running errands and can't be bothered with even a no-makeup makeup look.

While I love the Summer Fridays mask because it sinks right in and I can move on with my routine, this mask is super luxe because of its truly honey-like consistency. Sticky and sweet, I apply this mask and massage it in for was long as possible—it feels like a little mini-facial, and when I'm stressed, nothing relaxes me more. Applying glowy products over dry, textured skin can look a little rough, and when I wash this mask off, my skin feels crazy soft and hydrated, making it the perfect supple skin first step before I introduce the glow.

Ever powder a little too much, and worry there's no going back? This setting spray doesn't just lock in your look, but it helps your face makeup melt in for that fresh, natural, never-caked finish. I usually end up spraying this after powdering, and once again when my entire look is finished. I even carry one in my purse on longer days, in case my skin looks dehydrated or my makeup looks heavy, and it always acts as the perfect dewy touch-up.

When I first tried this lip treatment, I actually disliked it: it's a thick, somewhat goopy gloss, and I couldn't figure out why anyone would want to wear it. Turns out, I was using it all wrong. Just a thin layer is a gorgeous, wet-look lip that's natural but juicy. Overnight, I apply that thicker, goopy layer and let it sink in while I sleep; when I wake up, the product has completely sunken in, and my lips look full and feel soft. If I'm running errands (and having a CT Flawless Filter makeup kind of day) I'll let a thick layer of this marinate to prep my lips for whatever lipstick I end up using later on my night out.

Not necessarily a 'skincare' product, but am I even allowed to talk about glow without mentioning the new Fenty launches? First, some real talk: these ARE sticky, so a light layer is necessary. They're also not exactly transfer-proof, so I wouldn't recommend going in for a hug if you've got this slathered on your chest. However, for posing in picture or buffed into your collarbones and shoulder blades, nothing else will do. These catch the light so flawlessly—and if you're using all of the above to make your face look radiant, it only makes sense to show your body a little love, too.

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