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I did a thing! I dyed my hair! I'm PINK!

I'm sure you've seen by now since I've spammed my social media, but this weekend I had a serious Sunday Scaries crisis, which resulted in my running to CVS and buying a random brand of temporary hair dye, and forcing my sister to help me comb it through my strands. After zero time spent planning and a half hour spent watching Youtube videos while the dye set, I was left with a rose gold mane that TBH, I'm kinda loving.

Before you get nervous, let me assure you—the dye is very much non-permanent. In fact, it's a washout dye that claims to last 4-6 washes, and virtually every online review has told me that it really lasts 1-2. We know I'm not a big fan of washing my hair, so dye that lasts a few weeks might as well be permanent on me, but I do love knowing that I'll be able to remove it if necessary. I also have a hair painting session booked for next Friday, so I plan to make the most of my pink alter ego until then. (Yes, I'm changing my hair color mid-fashion week. It's called being extra, look it up). In fact, I'm taking these pics after I already washed it once, so it was much brighter and more vibrant a pink at first, but now it's more of a rose gold.

Anyway, time to shout out the dye, which ended up being much more effective than I'd expected! I assumed I'd get a barely-there glaze of pinky-peach when I mixed two shades of Loreal's Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Dye in Soft Pink and Peach.

I wish I took some pics before I washed it! Loving this faded look but the bright pink was seriously wild.

A very quick OOTD: Top by Express | Jeans by American Eagle (I don't recommend them, v baggy and strange) | Bag by Pixie Mood | Belt by Bvlgari (similar)

I seriously love the way this dye took to my hair, leaving it dark brown at the top and mixing the pink and peach with my gold balayage for a look that's, yes, crazy, but dare I say somehow natural? I'm a fan of the dirty-cool hair trend, and this color amps up my waves and makes them a bit edgier. Granted, it's a bit hard to wear certain colors now, but I'm loving the look of simple monochrome outfits with my pink locks as a built-in accessory (like this very last-minute travel outfit, which is simply not my best, but who can be blog-ready 24-7?!).

Thoughts on my new, very temporary look? Prepare for me to continue spamming my social media with it until I'm back to brown for good! Til then, I'm a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

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