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I think this might be the first time I’ve made a dedicated post to highlight just one product, but that just goes to show how obsessed I am with my new favorite concealer.

Before I spill the details, don’t get it twisted: tarte’s Shape Tape will forever be my under eye savior, and I don’t intend on changing that up any time soon. But after receiving a huge package (that was actually about ten separate packages!) from IT Cosmetics, I can officially say I’ve got a new favorite for concealing—and treating!—blemishes.

Amazing PR packaging by IT. So cute and organized!

The IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout concealer is a full-coverage treatment concealer, that promises to provide both coverage and drying lotion all in one product. If you’ve never heard of Mario Badescu’s famous drying lotion, it’s time to pick one up, because it’s the ultimate product for healing up pimples post-pop. The only downside to the product is that it isn’t suitable to be worn during the day—unless you like the look of bright pink polka dots all over your face.

Even if I treat my acne at night, I often get a super guilty conscience about slathering makeup over it throughout the day, and it sometimes feels like I’m working against myself. When I first applied this concealer over a large pimple (my only large pimple, ugh) I expected it to cover and not do much else. Imagine my surprise when two days later the major mound had disappeared completely, leaving me with totally smooth skin.

Had I known the product would be so effective, I might’ve thought to take a Before & After photo, but I truly didn’t think just a little dab of this concealer-lotion combo would do the trick. My skin usually suffers from one major breakout a month, featuring one large pimple that lasts a week or more. This was the same kind of pimple, only it vanished after two days of treatment. Who knows if this level of healing will be consistent, but based off of my first experience, I’m seriously in love with this product. Not only was the treatment effective, but the concealer itself is a buildable medium coverage, and dries down totally matte, which I love.

One thing to note is that IT recommends its Bye Bye Breakout Powder as a loose finishing veil to set the face and the matching concealer. This product didn’t work as well for me, but I chalk it up to an issue in shade, not quality. There are only three shades available: a Translucent, a very dark Light Medium, and an even darker Tan. I’m not a fan of wearing translucent powders anywhere but under my eyes, and if I do I tend to dust them with a fluffier brush for a blurring effect, not pack them on to set products like concealer. However, even though I’m a pretty true light medium shade in most brands, I found this shade to be insanely dark for me, which means I’ll have to skip out on this powder, despite liking the formula and how it wears.

Even though these products were sent to me by IT, my opinions are honest. In truth, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do, and had doubts that a concealer could work as a healing treatment as well. To me, it felt gimmicky, but IT has definitely proved me wrong, and I couldn’t be more glad. After so much success with this first product, I'm definitely looking forward to trying out the rest of their new releases, and hopefully you'll see some in a few upcoming Favorites posts! If there are any products you want reviewed, let me know and I’ll swatch away.

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