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Is this quickly becoming a lipstick blog? Sorry not sorry, but I've recently added quite a bit to my makeup collection, and I'm just trying to keep you in the loop.

To celebrate my birthday - feeling 22! - I headed to New York with my mom and sister to create some personalized lipsticks at the Bite Lip Lab in Soho. I'd read about it online, and we thought it would be the perfect way to combine our two favorite things, which are celebrations and makeup.

All three of us decided to try out the Bespoke Lipstick option, which allows you to create two custom lip colors with the help of your lip lab artist.

After explaining to our artists the types of shades we were looking for, they mix up a ton of options for us to test out. Once we exfoliated, masked, and prepped our lips, we were able to try them on and make adjustments to our liking.

The artists were super patient with us throughout the process; we are three picky girls, especially when it comes to our makeup, and we wanted to make sure we got what we paid for. I ended up selecting a pinky nude and a more warm-toned brown nude, the latter of which looks a lot like my very favorite liquid lipstick, Kylie's Exposed.

My swatch palette: I ended up going with the top middle shade and the bottom right!

I named the top shade Exposed II after Kylie's, and the bottom shade Birthday Suit in honor of my 22nd.

After perfecting our shades, we got to choose our finish (I went with mostly creamy, sheer finishes, while my sister Morgan opted for mattes). We then got to choose the scent for each of our lipsticks - I gave both of mine a minty vanilla smell that I'm totally obsessed with.

Next the shades were mixed and poured, and then the bullets were packaged in Bite's signature lipstick tubes.

The big reveal: here's Birthday Suit and Exposed II!

Overall, the experience took just about an hour for the three of us. The price tag was major ($150 for two lipsticks), but they did package the lippies in super cute Bite boxes and bags, and included for each of us a cherry lip scrub, an agave lip mask, and a Bite lip primer. I'm wearing the agave mask as I type this, and it's quickly become my favorite product on the planet.

From L-R: My mom's perfect nude and beachy pink, Morgan's tan nude and bright matte coral, and my two nudes on the end!

If you're a perfectionist and a makeup junkie, Bite Lip Lab is your dream - it's practically designed for picky people, as you get to ensure the color you purchase is completely perfect, from the shade right down to the finish and scent. Not something I'd splurge on at the drop of the hat, but if you struggle to find your perfect nude like I do, this service was a total godsend! Count on seeing these lippies worn in almost every post I'll make for the next few months...

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