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Lately DC's temperature has changed more times than I change my outfit in the morning, and while I welcome a little variety, my skin is really paying the price. One day it's dry, the next super oily - and I can't even begin to think about my hair. Ever since I started the hairpainting process, my hair's health has paid the price, and it's quite a bit drier and slightly more damaged than before. Determined to not look like such a lost cause, I decided to head to my favorite one-stop product shop, Lush, and grab some essentials.

The first thing I picked up was one of my go-to masks, Love Lettuce. This mask does it all for my skin - it exfoliates, brightens, and mattifies, and I love to use it either at the end of a long day to clean my skin or on a lazy morning as a wake-up call.

One important thing to note about this mask is that its ingredients are all-natural and super fresh, and because of this, it isn't self-preserving, meaning it needs to be refrigerated and isn't as long-lasting as some of their other masks. Because it's a small pot, I never have a problem with using up the product before its expiration date, but if you are looking for a long-term commitment, I recommend Mask of Magnaminty for a similar feel, or Cup O' Coffee for the ideal tingly morning mask.

Next up, I decided to grab this Tea Tree Toner Tab for an easy one-time treatment. I used to swear by Lush's Tea Tree Water Toner, but these tabs are a fun way to change up your routine and add in some spa-like steaming. The easiest way to use these tabs is to drop them into some very hot (not boiling!) water and allow your skin to soak up the steam. Seeing as I don't have a bathtub in my townhouse, little things like these tabs are a fun treat that fits easily in my sink.

Apologies for not painting my nails. At least they are clean and cut!

The last product I picked up was an attempt to sooth my strands - I can't wait to put this Damaged Hot Oil Treatment to use!

This little treatment might look a bit confusing, but it's actually really simple to use. Once you melt the solid down and mix it up, you can apply like any hair oil and allow your locks to soak up all it has to offer. This one in particular has some ingredients I love, like E.V.O.O. and almond oil!

The treatment I chose suits my needs best, but if you're looking to focus on other aspects of your mane, the Kinky Treatment caters to curls, and the Tangled Treatment helps prevent knots!

A lot of people think Lush is all bath bombs and massage bars, but they have a lot of practical products as well! It's nice to have a place nearby where I can find cosmetics that are both fresh and fun, and definitely don't break the budget - my whole haul cost me just $23!

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