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You know that meme going around about influencers constantly claiming ~ a lot of you guys have asked about ~ whatever beauty product, accessory, outfit, et cetera they want or need to feature? I don't consider myself an influencer, but still, it couldn’t be more accurate, and it had me cracking up when I first saw it. Can you really blame people for trying to casually segue into talking about certain items, though? Either way, the meme came to mind after I posted a photo on my Instagram Story in a pink and white bikini and received about thirty DMs from friends and followers complimenting it and asking where it was from. Meme aside, I knew I had to share deets, because in addition to being cute, the suit just so happens to be inexpensive AF. If you’re one of the friends who asked, I’m sorry for being slow to share the link, but I was too busy trying to get a tan to write this baby up until now. If it helps, I ended up with a sunburn instead, so that’s karma for making you wait.

Even though I grew up at the beach, I’m not exactly a swimsuit connoisseur, so when it came time to pack for a family trip, I was desperately searching Soho for cute coverups, flattering swimsuits, et cerera. I managed to find a ton of great pieces from Aerie (I’m obsessed with their swim this season! I’ll have a few faves linked in my April Outfits post soon), but I still decided to do a little online shopping to complete my vacay wardrobe.

I’ve never ordered swimwear off of Amazon before, but after doing some serious research (AKA reading a million reviews and scanning customers’ photos), I ordered a few bathing suits using my beloved Prime 2-Day Shipping. I ended up liking quite a few of my finds, but the Cocoship Mesh Striped High Waist Bikini Set was the clear winner on Instagram. I’ve honestly never received so many compliments and questions about a swimsuit, and I’m pumped that it happens to be a particularly inexpensive one that got everybody’s attention. You can shop it by clicking right HERE.

For real, guys, this suit is so cheap — like, $25 cheap. Hi, I know, please go order it ASAP. According to the Amazon listing it comes in 13 different colors/patterns, and while I can’t technically vouch for the quality of every single one, the pink and white striped version has my seal of approval. The quality is similar to any of my more expensive swimsuits, and it held up on the beach and in the water just fine. I have my eyes on the light pink version with the flamingo pattern as well as the black with orange pom poms, so don’t be surprised if I post in those soon! For $25 and free, fast shipping, it makes sense to stock up.

As far as sizing, it took me a few tries to get it right, and I ended up needing an XL top for my chest (Story of my life) and a Large bottom to achieve the perfect fit. If you’re smaller or larger than me, I suggest scanning other customer reviews to find someone with a similar figure to your own, as their experiences can help ensure you pick the right size for you. Anyone else find that they can be anything from a M to an XL, depending on the brand? Ordering online is a total crapshoot for me, so when I find something that works, I’m over the moon.

This was my most popular pick by far, but my sisters and I actually came across quite a few Amazon gems during our online shopping extravaganza. I picked up this cheeky lace-up yellow bikini to help even out my tan lines, and my sister, Morgan, bought this off-the-shoulder suit in five different patterns, so it’s safe to say it was a hit. If there are any other Amazon Fashion gems I need to order, let a girl know, because summer is fast approaching and I’m all about stocking up on some cute (Read: cheap!) new pieces.

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