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My birthday month was an absolute dream! And as far as outfits went, I wore a little bit of everything. Some days dropped down to 20 degrees, while others were warm and sunny, and between afternoons out and about, nighttime birthday celebrations, and a last-minute trip to my alma mater in DC, I had a lot going on. Through and through, though, I have to shout out two pairs of black Steve Madden boots that got me through almost every outfit. Sorry in advance for the footwear repetition! Hope you enjoy these looks, and LMK if there's anything I need to pick up or try out this April. I feel myself stepping out of my style comfort zone more and more (minus my comfy black boots), and so far, I'm loving the chance to play.

Avec Les Filles Faux Fur Star Coat (Lilac version) | Topshop Dress (also a gold version) | Steve Madden OTK Boots

The main thing I'll be sad to part with when the warm weather hits are my fun faux furs. This one made dressing up an all-black look a breeze.

Never worn an all-white look before, but I'm honestly obsessed with this entire outfit. Will probably buy in all-black and wear that too, TBH.

I tried to channel some young professional vibes during a trip back to Georgetown to speak on a panel. This coat really did the trick.

This dress was a dream and a half. So good. I got this Furla bag specifically to match, and I loved how the look turned out.

Lime Green Snakeskin Crop Top (similar) | Rehab Black joggers (similar) | Steve Madden Booties

Do you guys like seeing my night-out looks? I don't normally share them, but I'm happy to! This set was a fun find from a random shop in Soho, so apologies for the fact that I couldn't find perfect dupes for the pieces.

Wanted to do something a little bolder for my birthday weekend! Ended up wearing this Herve Léger dress to my dinner, but wore this the night before and fell in love. Likely creates some flattering fits in bold, solid colors, so if you like this look, check them out!

Fell in love with this dress and knew immediately I wanted to wear it with a more low-key look. The rain couldn't stop me!

Wanted to have a little fun running around on my birthday, but still be comfortable. I l got so many compliments on this bag and skirt. You can't see from the photo, but the skirt's lining is actually lime green. Apparently, hot pink and lime green were my favorite colors in March, huh?

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