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Hey everyone! Wanted to try something different to see if this type of blog post formula will be a better fit for 2019. Rather than posting fewer outfits and including multiple shots, I'm pulling from my Instagram favorites and giving you quick snapshots of various looks I wore throughout the month. Below are six of my top looks worn in January (okay, there's one in there from Christmas, but I love the holidays!), with either exact or similar pieces linked for each. In my opinion, the best way to see these looks is from your computer, but if you're on your phone, you can also check them out on my actual Instagram if you like what you see below!

Let me know if you like this more down-to-business approach! There's bound to be some trial and error, but so far, I'm loving the change.

Believe it or not, this little purse fit SO much! And hats like these are my go-to when I can't be bothered to wash my hair.

Zara Snakeskin Dress | Ulla Johnson Boots (same style, pink calf hair no longer available)

I have this Zara dress in three patterns and it's a perfect staple piece. Also, I got these boots at a sample sale; no regrets at all!

Wearing faux fur on a rainy day might not have been my best choice, but I couldn't resist these colors!

Free People Bodysuit | Good American Denim | Ulla Johnson Boots (same style, pink calf hair no longer available) | Elizabeth & James Bag (different version, woven no longer available) | Frasier Sterling Personalized Necklace | Gucci Logo Belt

I wasn't intending to go so match-matchy with the pink, but I couldn't find my black tall boots. Read up on my pink hair here!

Saloni make some of my favorite dresses ever. Such beautiful fabrics and silhouettes! (BTW, this look is from Dec, but had to include it)

Definitely click on the earring link to see these babies up close. The only jewelry cool enough to make me wear a ponytail!

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