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Isn't the best part of sweater season the ability to wear cute outfits that feel like pajamas? I certainly think so. I've been on the hunt for the perfect fall sweater, and after weeks of searching the sites and the stores, I finally found The One. Behold, my new favorite fall sweater!

Let's just say my perfect autumn sweater has more than a few requirements. I want it to be soft and chunky, neither itchy nor heavy, and loose, but not too wide. I wanted a knit that was thick enough to feel really cuddly, but still thin enough to tuck in, so that it didn't look too boxy. I also wanted some sort of turtleneck style, but didn't want anything too constricting, nor something that would show off all the makeup rubbing off on the inside (I know I'm not alone with this struggle!). Last but not least, I had my fingers crossed that my sweater of choice would come in multiple color options, because when I find something I really like, I tend to stock up. Cue the BP. Ribbed Funnel Neck Sweater for only $49 at Nordstrom, AKA the answer to my perfect sweater prayers.

This sweater comes in the most gorgeous, creamy white, as well as a light gray, a rich emerald, and a sunny yellow. The latter two are in my online cart as we speak, but I stumbled upon the white version in-store, which is why I snagged it first. Because I want this piece to last, I do get it dry cleaned every few wears, but seeing as a good sweater can cost upwards of $100 and this one was less than $50, I can justify the extra care more easily than if I'd already splurged.

TBH, if I was staying in, I'd probably just throw this sweater on with some undies and socks, but I was running errands and visiting my sister in Hoboken on this particular day, so I paired it with my other perfect fall staple, these high-waisted jeans. This particular pair of Levis are the Wedgie fit, which I was recommended because the waist is significantly smaller than the bum and thighs, so I had high hopes they would fit me perfectly. After trying these on, I ended up getting a size 31 to fit my lower half, but I have to wear them with a belt so that they're small enough for my waist. I was hoping the Wedgie fit would eliminate this problem, since my waist is too small for a 31, but fortunately I've been stockpiling cute belts, so the jeans were still worth picking up. The two-toned cheetah print belt I'm wearing today is from & Other Stories, but they only have the brown suede version online. I just got it last week in store, though, so if you're interested, I highly recommend popping in and looking around! I think any kind of leopard belt is a chic accessory for fall and winter, but I loved that this one had some color to give my white-sweater-and-blue-jeans look a bit of interest.

BTW, these jeans weren't ripped when I bought them! I love shredding denim at home, so let me know if you guys would like to see a tutorial.

These are the original, unripped pair, but Urban also carries Levi Wedgie jeans in this ripped style and this ripped style, too!

When I'm not wearing black, I always turn to these Jeffrey Campbell booties I got years ago to tie together a look. They're obviously no longer available, and I've yet to find a really similar pair online, but allow me to direct you instead to my current favorite pair of nude booties on the internet, which are these by Katy Perry. I'm not a huge Katy Perry fan, but she's got some really unique footwear, and I'm debating between picking up these or getting the same shoe in a black, heeled version. I love the unique block heel design, and the heels I've purchased from her in the past were incredibly comfortable.

Hat: Zara | Earrings: & Other Stories

The two main pieces I wanted to show you guys for this look were my perfect white sweater and go-to high-waisted jeans, and I didn't even realize when styling them that so many of my everyday accessories were no longer linkable! Apologies for this, and I'll try to keep it in mind for next time, but since I get a ton of messages about my Rebecca Minkoff calf hair bag, I thought it was still worth mentioning. I picked up this bag at a Rebecca Minkoff sample sale, and I've been getting compliments on it ever since — it's definitely an acquired taste, but I love it, and calf hair is a huge trend this season. Sadly, the brand doesn't make this particular bag anymore, but they have the same style in a smaller size available on the site in gray (I have it, and I love it!) and it's one of my favorite designs they've ever done. In fact, they do still have a calf hair version in zebra print, which I don't totally love, but it it's something that catches your eye, go for it! If you care more about the calf hair trend than the shape of the bag itself, Rebecca Minkoff do still make a cute calf hair clutch and a massive calf hair tote, both of which are gorgeous, timeless pieces.

Are you a cat person? I'm really not, but my sister's roommate's cat, Kleo, was really feeling the vibes of this shoot! She's too cute.

I know it's not the most unique or exciting outfit, but I wanted to show you my go-to fall pieces, and how easy they are to spice up with some cute accessories. A white sweater and jeans is a classic combo, but the calf hair bag, leopard belt, and corduroy cap really shake it up, and I love investing in accessories to transform simple outfits over and over again! I hope you guys enjoyed this look, and if you've got a holy grail sweater of your own I should invest in, don't hesitate to slide into my DMs and let me know!

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