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Hey guys, so today I'm excited to announce that I've started working with Simone Perele as one of their brand affiliates! I've been wearing their bras and lingerie for almost a year now and I'm such a fan, so to be able to hype them up to you guys and break down exactly why I like them is such a pleasure.

As some of you know, I'm a 34E up top, so I can't just walk into any shop and find a bra that really caters to my needs. It wasn't until I had a fitting offered to me by the Simone Perele team some months back that I was really able to feel what a good bra should fit like. I rarely talk about this sort of thing on the blog, but over the past year or so I've struggled with some serious weight gain (we're talking 30lbs, people!) and of course, my boobs grew as a result. Finding bras and lingerie that not only fit, but still made me feel sexy was a must, and I'm so glad I had Simone Perele and their sister brand, Implicite, to go to for options that worked.

A few of my most-worn SP bras. Top: Saga Sheer Demi Bra Middle: Wish Sheer Demi Bra (The bottom one is actually by Implicite!)

Rather than just insist you try out these bras blind — real talk, they aren't cheap, and I wouldn't want you to invest without getting some deets — I decided to take the time to fill you in on a few of my favorites, from my go-to everyday bra to my must-have strapless, and even some fun lacy little numbers I can't get enough of. While Simone Perele isn't exactly impulse-buy pricing, they're significantly cheaper than other trendy lingerie brands, and their pieces are made with the same care and quality as those that cost triple the price.

Hopefully you guys like seeing this kind of content from me (and aren't weird about boobs, because c'mon, it's 2018, there's no way we're still being weird about boobs, right?) and if you've got any questions about Simone Perele and their pieces, please don't hesitate to DM me on Instagram or shoot me an email!

Looking for a basic bra to get the job done for everyday wear? The Caresse 3D Plunge Bra comes in black, nude, light pink and navy, and it's the ultimate no-nonsense, straightforward T-shirt bra. I wear this one a lot under work attire when my undergarments need to be more discrete, and the thick straps and deep cups really keep me feeling locked-in. This style also boasts a U-shaped back, which helps to keep straps from sliding off, and in my opinion, is very flattering. Even on super-hot days in the city, this bra feels lightweight, which is yet another reason it's become a go-to for me.

Personally, discovering the more basic styles SP offers has been a lifesaver for me, but I know most of you are interested in the sexier pieces, and TBH, they're just as great. I wear this Saga Sheer Demi Bra with matching Boyshort panties all the time, and it's quickly become one of my faves. The nude tulle contrasted with the statement lace patterns and the matching cutouts on the bra and panties make this set look like it costs triple what it really does. I've had this set for about six months and it looks as good as the day I got it, which further proves how great an investment these pieces really are. I usually throw this one on for date night, but it's honestly fun to wear on a daily basis, too, especially if you're the only one who knows you've got something sexy on underneath your everyday clothes!

Before finding the Eden Strapless Bra, I genuinely felt that I'd never be able to wear strapless tops and dresses. As an E-cup, finding something to keep me lifted sans straps felt almost impossible, so this bra has really been an answer to my prayers (I even wrote about my love for it on!). It comes in black and nude, and I've got two nudes in my closet ready to go at all times, since I can't bear to be without. Who knows what my summer wardrobe would've been without this lifesaver, and I can't wait to keep trying out one-shoulder and off-the-shoulder looks this fall and winter!

The newest set to my collection are the Wish Sheer Demi Bra and Wish Tanga thong, which I picked up after realizing I couldn't get away with wearing my black Saga set under my light, white, summery tops. Now that it's getting cooler out, I can still see this set getting a ton of wear with my fall and winter attire, and I love the idea of the decorative straps peeking out underneath a cardigan or sweater. This set is sheer and sexy, but with an ethereal twist thanks to the white, and just like the Saga duo, it's comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis, if desired. If the white gives you bridal vibes, they do have this set in black, too!

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing which pieces made my favorites list, and I also hope it inspired you to give Simone Perele a go for yourself. I know bras are pricey, but with the holidays coming up, now is as good a time as ever to start browsing and finding your new potential favorites! The everyday bras and strapless bras have really made my day-to-day life easier, but at the same time, there's really something to be said for wearing lingerie pieces just for yourself. I love knowing I've got on a beautiful lacy piece underneath casual clothes, and if you haven't tried it, I highly recommend! Lingerie is all about what makes you feel good, not just what makes you look good, so when you can find options that satisfy both, I'd call that a huge success.

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