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When life gives you rosé build a mansion dedicated to it in the middle of NYC, right?

Before I begin this post, let me first come at you with my least favorite disclaimer: low quality photos below! I brought my camera in an attempt to get some higher quality images for the blog, but we ended up having such a fun time that I didn't want to feel the pressure to focus on getting the shot and not enjoying the moment. Life's too short, people! So apologies in advance for my weak iPhone quality, but I was too busy sipping rosé to care. No regrets.

Yesterday, my sister, Morgan, and I went to The Rosé Mansion, an interactive experience that just opened in NYC and will be there through October. If you're ever strolling Fifth Ave, you definitely won't miss it: just look for the massive hot pink doors, and you're in!

The pop-up is basically a wine tasting combined with Instagram heaven: tons of rooms with cute backdrops, fun props and great lighting, plus a rosé tasting and some wine education in each new area. We spent about an hour and a half going through the rooms, taking lots of pics and sips as we went. At the end of the exhibit, there's even a bar where you can buy and drink more rosé, because too much is still not enough, in my humble opinion.

All in all, we sampled eight different wines, which totaled about two full glasses. As a lightweight, I can report that I was definitely feeling it, which explains why all the photos I took were so extra. One of the first rooms we ventured in featured a Yayoi Kusama-esque sticker room, and the next a rainbow wall of scratch 'n' sniff, featuring popular wine notes and great lighting.

If you're wondering about my very extra outfit, it's a vintage slip dress I picked up this weekend at the Brooklyn Flea Market from a seller called Circa Vintage House. The belt is also a flea market find, featuring gold leopards, but I sadly didn't write down the seller's info. I had a blast sifting through racks at the market, and I definitely plan to go back soon! I haven't really featured a lot of my thrifted pieces on the blog, so if that's something you're interested in me doing, let me know! My nude sandals are (randomly enough) by Katy Perry, and they're so comfortable and cute. Not to mention, they're on sale!

One fun area at the exhibit featured the opportunity to create The Perfect Blend of rosé, where you got to pick what flavors, weight, and acidity you prefer, then watch bartenders blend rosés together to create your perfect mix.

Other areas included information on Roman wine, Cali vineyards, and more, and each room had a themed area ripe for posing. My favorite was the bathtub below, which I had a ton of fun hamming it up in. There were also chandeliers to swing from, royal thrones to perch in, and more. Seriously, I'd live here if they let me.

Rather than try to explain what can be better shown in photos, I'll stop talking now and instead throw in a gallery of some more photos below. If you're in NYC between now and October, I highly recommend looking into a trip to the Rosé Mansion for yourself—you might catch me back there again very soon!

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