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Hey, so we've finally reached the last of the LA posts! I actually have a ton more I could do, but I didn't want to go overboard, so I decided on my top three looks to use as full-on blog posts. This one is from our day trip to Malibu, where I had the Miley song of the same name on repeat in my head all afternoon long.

We lunched at Malibu Farm, a cute little restaurant off of Pacific Coast Highway with locally sourced organic eats and a pier view.

It was as stunning as our meal was delicious—I had the tastiest zucchini pizza and a frozen rosé to keep myself cool!

My look on this day was simple and comfortable; after dressing up for the past few adventures, I wanted to give myself a chance to relax and really enjoy the beach. My romper is from Necessary Clothing, a super cheap store in NYC I hit up a lot for going-out clothes. I picked it up for the fun banana leaf print—it's not listed online, but some other fun pieces with a similar print are this romper from Missguided and this robe from Easy, which I would totally rock kimono-style over some boyfriend jeans and a white tank!

Frozen rosé is a big, big mood.

Shout out to Melissa for letting me borrow this sweet straw hat from H&M. As I'm sure you guys have noticed from my previous posts, I never wear my hair up. It is always down, usually curled, never different. Today I was really feeling the new-era Miley vibes, though, so I took a stab at these loosely braided pigtails. I really loved the look, but the hat definitely gave me a little additional comfort while rocking the style. I'd definitely do it again!

More accessory details: my crocheted shawl was a boutique find, but this one by Anthropologie is almost exact! I also wore my B pendant necklace, these Forever 21 blue-tinted sunglasses (exact pair available online only in pink, but here's a cute blue pair of aviators!), and of course, my white Pop & Suki camera bag (use BELLAGERARD for 15% off!).

Out of all the fun day trips I took while in LA, Malibu left me wanting more. Fingers crossed I get the chance to go back soon!

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