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Hey, so I don’t know if you can tell by my recent OOTDs, but I really feel like I’m going through a style metamorphosis. I’ve always been a fan of an “out with the old, in with the new” approach to my closet, often consigning and donating last year’s favorites for this year’s picks—minus some Holy Grail favorites I could never part with—but this year I feel even more inclined to start fresh.

Now that I work and live in New York City, my staple pieces from life at Georgetown or home in New Jersey just aren’t the styles I’m reaching for anymore. I’m choosing boots over sneakers, denim over leggings, and funky hats instead of baseball caps to cover up my bad hair days. I’m also paying more attention to the things I buy: rather than splurge on pieces that won’t last me long, I’m looking to invest in classic, great-fitting items and then shop trends at fast fashion or thrift stores.

Today’s look is a conglomeration of a ton of new favorites for me: you’ve already seen me rock this Zara hat in an earlier post, and I’m still totally obsessed. I usually bring it out on Sundays to mask my dirty, lazy hair days, and while I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, a ton of friends and even my sister have picked one up too.

I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect baggy mom-meets-boyfriend style jeans. I love this pair from H&M because the pearl details make them work-appropriate—for my job, anyway!—and easier to dress up. I like thrifting my high-waisted jeans as well, but this pair is actually on sale for under $20 right now, so I felt they were worth picking up.

Paired with the jeans is a simple white tee that I’ve had for ages, which I’m looking to replace (any recs?). It’s super thin and worn, and while I love the feeling, it can be pretty see-through, so I’m hoping to invest in some soft-yet-sturdy white tees in the very near future. Over top is this amazing oversized blazer by Leith I picked up in December. I instantly knew this would be a fun pick to pair with the jeans since the decorative buttons are also pearls. I know pearls are a major trend right now, but wearing a pair of pearl earrings makes me feel a little too formal, so adding them via the fun accents on my blazer and pants was a fun way to try the look out for myself.

Finishing off my look are these gorgeous, timeless quilted boots by Karl Lagerfeld. These are in regular rotation for me and make it to work about two or three times a week—they’re the only flat boot I own that still feels somewhat formal.

In addition to the $20 denim, my boots and my Leith blazer are both 35-40% off right now, so you can cop this whole outfit for way cheaper than I snagged it for! Speaking of sales, I picked up these unique and stunning Boucheron frames during the Gilt sample sale this past fall. I got these for under $100, and their original retail price is over $700—which, for the record, is insane. Right now, they're on sale at Saks Off Fifth for around $300 here. I’ve never owned a clear pair of sunnies before, but these are crazy fun thanks to the glitter in the frames, the fun textures and the purple-tinted lenses. Since a blazer can be a super-serious piece, adding in quirky accents like these helps me tone down the look.

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick OOTD from a shopping day in Soho with my sister. If you’ve got any advice on great brands I should invest in, or cheap spots to pick up trendy pieces, let a girl know!

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