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Happy Valentine's Day!

Now you know I never do this, but full disclosure: these photos are taken on an iPhone, not my camera. I didn't plan on shooting today, but when the opportunity arose I couldn't say no! Promise this won't happen again because I really hate to use low quality images on here (I care way more than you guys do tbh), but I think you'll enjoy these, so I just had to share.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, the super trendy beverage brand Dirty Lemon had the most festive popup of the century—and it benefited an amazing cause. If you're not familiar with their drinks, Dirty Lemon have tons of fun, healthy flavors like charcoal, matcha, ginseng, and their newbie flavor, rose. To celebrate the newest flavor and get people in the Valentine's Day spirit, they launched this popup shop for the day, and covered the whole thing in roses.

Welcome to The Rose Room.

So what's the point of all these roses? The popup flower shop is donating all the money made selling roses to The Lower East Side Girls Club, an organization that works to provide local girls with opportunities for to the brightest futures possible. It's an incredible organization, so I knew I wanted to stop by and make a donation. And of course, take a thousand and one photos.

Not too much of an OOTD going on here—my jacket is a friend's, my sweater is from Target (more on that in a future post; I got it in two colors and LOVE it), and the cute heart shaped sunnies were gifted to me by Too Faced, who collabed with sunglasses brand H0les. If you're wondering what possessed me to rock straight hair, I was trying out the Ironless shampoo and conditioner by Fekkai, both of which I really enjoyed.

Can we take a moment to discuss this girl's pants? SO on brand. SO good.

I won't say much more, since this post is all about the photos, but hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day! x

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