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I know these photos might look like a perfect fall day, but trust me when I tell you, WINTER IS HERE! Time to bundle up and get cozy—let's just say it was in the 40°s when I shot these pics.

My outfit might not look the warmest, but there is virtually no look a teddy bear coat can't make toastier. After seeing the trend all over the place for a while now, I finally cozied up to this oatmeal-colored, under-$100 option from Zara. I get tons of compliments on it with every wear, and I love that I can rock a coat as stylish as it is warm. I used to only opt for black coats, but lately I love the look of neutrals with my hair color, so I'm stocking up on shades like this to get me through the season.

Oh, and did I mention the best part of this coat? BABY PINK LINING 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻

Underneath, I threw on this quirky graphic tee from Zara (I literally only shop at one store). This is one of three of their TRF line's graphic tees I've bought because of this fuzzy textured lettering; it really spices up a simple shirt in a way I think it so unique! Plus, their tees usually run from $9-19, so you can wear them a few times without worrying about breaking the bank for a fun basic.

My everyday bag, as always, is my personalized Pop & Suki Camera Bag, which I also ordered in black for the holidays this year! On my feet I kept things casual with these Adidas Superstars—I didn't embrace the trend earlier this year when everyone rocked the black-stripes-white-base pair, but these pink stripes and the way they matched my bag totally won me over, and I love them for running errands!

To mask a bad hair day, I picked up this hat from Zara that is very slowly becoming an essential. I refuse to leave the house with greasy hair without thowing this little guy on! Funny story, my dad actually wore a similar hat on our brunch date a week ago...very embarrassing to show up in the same look! On the legs, I've got on a pair of jeans American Eagle kindly gifted me from their upcoming line not yet released, but you can find similar styles on their site here and here. I'm crazy about the raw hem edges, and I hope this trend lasts a long time. I've never worn jeans this light a wash, but I love them with the oatmeal teddy coat! Lots of pastel wintery vibes happening here, and I'm all about it.

Here's hoping you all find your perfect coat to snuggle up with this winter!

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