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Happy Blogiversary!!!! Today marks one year since I launched La Bella Vita to the public.

For those of you who have been clicking for all twelve months, you'll know my first posts date back to before Dec 1, 2016—I started creating content in October so that when I launched, there would already be some posts for you to see, but because everyone else met the blog when it went live on the first of December, I consider today the official one year mark.

My top is from Zara, available online in black only here.

So much has changed since this time last year: I've graduated from Georgetown, moved to NYC, and started a job doing what I love at one of the most iconic media companies in history. I've worked hard, but I'm also incredibly lucky, and while for the most part this blog just documented my beauty and style preferences during those changes, seeing the posts takes me back to exactly what was going on week by week, and I'm grateful to have such a unique log of the past year—especially one that others enjoy!

I've gone from posts shot in DC alleyways to brand collabs, fashion week, and more. I'm so excited to see just how much the blog can grow as this new year approaches, and so thankful for all the opportunities I've already received. I'm lucky the things I love (beauty, writing, photography) are also skills that I can utilize and create with to product content that appeals to others.

So what's next for the blog as we enter our second year? Business as usual—plus a few surprises, too!

I really feel like I'm living la bella vita. Thanks again for sticking with me for 365 days, 57 posts, and counting.

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