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If you remember correctly, I said a little something in a recent post about taking an OOTD and making it an OOTN. Finally, the time has come to let you in on my secret for multitasking with your clothes!

When packing for trips, everyone knows layers are key for allowing lots of options. Buy on a day-to-day basis, we aren’t toting around carry-ons filled with luxurious layers to choose from, so our noon-to-night layering has to be a bit more strategic.

So, here’s how I took this not-your-grandma’s floral frock and made it a very-not-your-grandma’s LBD look. Have you figured it out yet? A slip! This dreamy and boho Zara dress came with an attached slip to accompany its sheer fabric, and after inspecting the silky material, I decided to detach the two pieces and utilize them as separate but equal cute pieces!

During a daylong shopping adventure in NYC, I wore this floral dress with the slip underneath, and added a belt, boots, and bag that I knew would compliment my late-night look as well. When it was time to switch gears, I simply slipped off my outer layer, tightened my belt a notch or two for a less casual, more cinched look, and rolled up the original dress to be tucked tightly into my bag (the Mini MAB fits more than you’d think, making its mini-tote shape the perfect silhouette for this look! Unfortunately it's either sold out everywhere or—Ihopenot—discontinued).

Even though I lucked out and didn’t have to buy this black dress separately, tons of companies carry similar LBDs that are simple and subtle enough to slip under any flowing maxi. It sounds crazy, but my technically-free piece is almost a dead ringer shapewise for a Vince slip dress that retails at over $200! Granted, Vince’s real silk puts my Zara fabrics to shame, but rocking affordable options first is a great way to determine if it’s worth it for you to invest in expensive pieces down the road!

This quick trick was the perfect way to change my look without carrying around outfit options—in the future, I can definitely see myself amping it up even more by bringing a dark berry lip to swipe on and complete the transformation!

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