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It's finally starting to feel like fall! I mean, kind of. I'm having a little trouble finding cute day-to-day outfits for this weird world of in-between weather—when I leave for work in the morning, it's 60°, and by lunchtime it's up to 80°!

My solution so far has been the not-so-groundbreaking art of layering, and I'm honestly loving some of the looks I've come up with! When it feels like summer in the heart of fall, a great transitional piece plus a duster or light coat can take you far.

You guys will probably recognize this coat from Zara that I wrote about during Fashion Week. Needless to say, I'm still obsessed with it. I wore this outfit to run a few errands and get my hair done, and by the time I left the salon with blonder, more toned locks, the jacket was practically a perfect match, which gave off a really cool monochromatic vibe. I wish I'd shot these photos after my appointment, but this piece will definitely be making a few more appearances on the blog anyway, so stay tuned.

A knit dress like this is the ultimate transition piece; I can wear it with bare legs now and with tights and over-the-knee boots in a few months. This one is a gem at only $20 from—where else?—Zara. I love the ribbed material, and I'll probably pick it up in solid black and burgundy, too. If you think I'm lying when I say I buy the same thing in multiple colors every blog post, I can assure you I'm not. Why not stock up on the pieces that work?

And now, the accessory you're all wondering about...the bag. I've never really ventured into the world of dupes (always fearing they'd be more like full-on knockoffs), but when I saw this purse in Francesca's for only $34, I was surprised at how similar it was to all the Chloe bags I'd been lusting over for the past few months. At the time, I thought only the hardware and mix-and-matched materials were the same, but after doing a little research, I realized it was super reminiscent of the Faye Small Bracelet Bag shape! If you're not looking to pay almost $900 for the real deal (and who the fuck is?), this is an awesome alternative. The Chloe Faye doesn't come in this shade, nor does this alternative have any faux brand names on it, so I feel like it's about as classy as a dupe can get.

Hope this post gave you a little guidance on how to style looks for this Indian Summer weather. Layering pieces and opting for winter fabrics in summer cuts allows your outfit to look balanced, not confused. And when you use accessories to pull it all together, you might end up with your new go-to look!

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