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I’m back with another monthly favorites! Since the Grad Series kept me posting a ton of content in May, I thought I’d pass on the monthly favorites and wait until the next month – now! – to share.

So much in my life has changed since my last favorites two months ago: last time, I was writing from my bedroom in my townhouse in DC; now I’m typing this from my desk in New York City. Big changes also mean new things, and I’ve got a ton of favorites to share. Read on to get the scoop.


No photo for this one because I'd rather you check out the site for yourself, but it’s only appropriate that my new employer make my favorites list! Health magazine and have been two sources I’ve turned to regularly for years, and their coverage of everything from fitness to food to beauty is always top notch. Now, I’m proud to say I’m one of the people creating that content for them, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve already got a few posts up on their site – KKW Beauty alternatives, makeup artist-recommended primers, etc. – and so far I’m absolutely loving it.


I fully acknowledge that I am late to the party, but this. drink. is. everything. It’s sweet and refreshing, not to mention adorable, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I posted an Instastory without holding my pink drink in the shot (no regrets). You think I’d be bitter about a drink being so much more photogenic than me, but I love the taste too much to complain. The best part? Thanks to Lady Gaga, splurging on this treat is also a charitable move.


As someone who isn’t a major perfume gal, it takes a lot for a scent to catch my eye – uh, my nose. When my sister started wearing Cleopatra by Tocca (which Sephora describes as a “warm floral with notes of grapefruit and cucumber), she regularly received compliments from friends and strangers, and it was enough to make me curious. These perfumes are pricey, but each one has a scent so alluring and distinct that I don’t mind shelling out on the rare occasion I find my bottle empty. At the moment, I’m using Cleopatra every day and Stella when I want to shake things up.


I hardly know a girl without a Longchamp tote, and it’s likely because these nylon bags are perfect for virtually any situation. Mine functions as a workbag, grocery bag, overnight bag, everyday purse - you name it, I use it. Before purchasing my first tote, however – I currently have a total of four, one of which I thrifted for $3, holla – my original reservation was that the brown leather handles might clash with some of my outfits. It wasn’t until I purchased the Le Pliage Néo in all-black that I really became obsessed with these backs, and the all-black tote with matching black handles quickly became my go-to for any occasion. Now that it’s summertime and I commute to and from my office, I wanted something a bit brighter, so I picked up the same bag in a nude. Amazing purchase, and now I can comfortably say I’ve got a tote to compliment any look.


Out of all the new beauty products I’ve tried this summer, this is the number one standout so far. Everything about this gloss is fabulous, from price point to applicator to shade range – I daresay I even prefer it over the KKW x Kylie Cosmetics glosses I reviewed in the spring. These glosses are completely full-coverage, and while they aren’t transfer-proof, they’re still impressively long-wearing. They’re super-comfy on the lips, and while ads boast a “high-impact” shine, I like mine best slightly blotted so that the shine is more subdued and natural. My favorite shade is Charmer, with Unreal running a close second.

Hope you enjoyed checking out this month’s favorites! Can’t wait too keep enjoying them all summer long.

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