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I'm writing this between forkfuls of my mom's homemade ricotta cheesecake, but I wanted to take the time to wish you all a happy Easter! For my family, this is a holiday all about relaxing and eating together, so even though I wanted to look cute for some photos (and multiple Snapchats using the Easter-themed dog filter), I wanted to make feeling comfy a top priority.

This picture is the reason I will be self-tanning tomorrow. #PaleNation

Cue this easy-breezy-beautiful periwinkle blue dress from Express, on sale now for less than $30! I'm not ashamed to say that I picked up this dress in not one, but three colors - it's sweet, simple, and looks great either on its own or layered with a cardigan or kimono. The color screamed Easter, which was another bonus, and I thought it paired well with my newly lightened hair (another current favorite of mine, TBH).

To accessorize, I threw on a white statement necklace from J. Crew; mine is old, but they have similar pieces in stock all the time, like this one! I went for a nude sandal by Dolce Vita, which is always my go-to brand for shoes that are both comfy and on-trend. They come in black, brown, and animal print as well, and I'm thinking about snagging the printed pair for a little something different to wear with some basics. When it comes to matching my bag to my shoes, I tend to be a bit meticulous, so I borrowed this Chanel bag from my mom to complete the look. It wasn't a perfect match, but we're a family that cherishes our all-black-everything, so we didn't have a lot of brown or nude options to choose from!

To end this quick little OOTD, I'll leave you with the above shot, where my dog is ten times the model I could ever hope to be. Thoughts on converting this blog to an all-Poppy, all-the-time space? I wouldn't blame you if you were all in favor. Until then, happy Easter!

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