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I was recently lucky enough to be contacted by the amazing team at Erin Condren and sent a few goodies from their personal planning arsenal. I've been obsessed with their product for a while (I regularly watch "Plan With Me" videos on Youtube, shout out to STICKWITHMEshop and The Glam Planner for the inspo!), so getting the opportunity to work with this brand was a major score in my book!

Yes, the packaging of my little gift was adorable, but it was the contents inside that had me grinning ear to ear:

The EC team sent me around $100 dollars worth of merchandise, including a personalized LifePlanner and accessories like the seasonal sticker book, snap-in sticky notes, and the dual-tip marker set. All EC products have the same vibrant, happy aesthetic, but each can be personalized with your name or monogram for a look that's completely your own. I'm in love with my planner's rose gold coil and colored marble cover, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already looking to buy another interchangeable cover to regularly swap between the two. I'm obsessed!

EC also sent me a monthly sticker kit to decorate my month-to-month calendar spreads, which I immediately did for the month of March!

A look at an empty monthly spread.

A look at my March spread, which I quickly decorated using my monthly sticker kit!

Along with the PR package of product, the Erin Condren team also invited me to an influencer event right here in DC, which you can see some candid shots of on my Instagram. The event was amazing, a room filled with adorable EC product and incredible bloggers and influencers. We sipped the EC signature cocktail and spoke with employees about our mutual love of the brand - snapping photos all the while, naturally.

Looking at this lineup only made me want more EC goodies! Expect a haul ASAP...

Cocktails and confetti: my two favorites!

See those sleeves? OOTD on what I wore to the event coming very soon!

All in all, I'm feeling totally #blessed that the EC team chose to include me at their influencer event, and as someone who has been a fan of the brand for a while now, I'm happy to be spreading the word about their amazing products! As a college girl, planning is a great way to not only stay organized, but document memories I can look back on forever. Getting to do both combines the fun with the functional, which is why Erin Condren products get two thumbs - and lots of confetti - way up in my book.

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