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After a fairly rough Inauguration Day, I decided to spend my Saturday at the Women's March on Washington. Being in D.C. during an election is a truly incredible experience, and I'm lucky to attend a school that gives me the opportunity to reside right in the thick of America's political heart.

I walked a little bit of the March itself, but the major reason I was there was to document the event. The photographer in me couldn't resist the whole history-in-the-making aspect of it all, and I took some shots I'm really proud of - and laughed at some really funny signs. Here's some of my favorite moments (just click to see the full photos!):

Overall, I'm incredibly glad I got to experience this moment in history first-hand. It's something I'll remember for a long time, and the day has left an impact on not just me, but hopefully all who attended, watched, or felt valued by our message of love and empowerment.

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