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As a lot of you know, I work for Georgetown as a student vlogger, or storyteller. The Georgetown Stories project is run by our amazing Office of Communications, and getting to be a part of it has seriously been one of my major joys as a Hoya.

The annual Welcome Back Jack BBQ at the start of the schoolyear.

In essence, my job as a storyteller is to give interested viewers - whether they be alumni, prospective students, or current Hoyas - a look into what it's like to go to school at Georgetown. A website or a quick guided tour can only tell interested students so much about what it's like to be a student somewhere, and Georgetown realized that a first-person student approach was the answer to really letting people see what life as a Hoya is like.

One of my favorite videos - kayaking on the Potomac just off campus.

Each week I submit two pieces of content, whether that be videos, blog posts, or takeovers on the university's Snapchat (@georgetownuniv). Prior to becoming a storyteller, I had virtually no video experience; now, iMovie is my bae. I quickly realized how much I truly loved making content in the medium, and making my videos quickly became one of the highlights of my week.

A video I made recently with my family during their Parents' Weekend Visit!

Last year, most of my videos focused on my life as a cheerleader, featuring trips to the Verizon Center, late-night practices in Yates and McDonough, and a lot of free Dominos pizzas at halftime. Since giving up cheer this year, however, I've been able to give attention to different facets of my story, including townhouse life, day trips, and making the most of my second-to-last semester. Most of my videos from the past two years can be found here.

One of my cheerleading videos from football season last year. Go Hoyas!

I have two favorite parts of being a storyteller, of which I cannot choose a favorite. The first is having the opportunity - and responsibility - to document my senior year of college. I love knowing that I'll be able to look back on these memories and have easy access to them online. The second is hearing from prospective students who watch my videos. It's a seriously cool feeling to receive an email (or an Instagram DM, which for some reason more of these students consider to be an acceptable medium) from someone interested in Georgetown, and to be a gateway between them and the school they love. I remember at first being nervous that no one would enjoy my videos, and while some have come out a bit rushed or sloppy, some have thousands of views, and the overall feedback has been really incredible.

One of my latest videos, featuring a recent trip to the monuments with Lauren.

All in all, being a part of Georgetown Stories has been an incredible experience, one I am so eager to continue this spring. Be sure to check out the other storytellers and their amazing content as well! Hoya Saxa!

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