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With finals season in full swing, looking cute is not one of my major concerns. Most of my days have consisted of a cozy sweatshirt and leggings, paired with all-black Nikes and my all-black Longchamp tote. Not exactly show-stopping.

But on days when I need a little pep in my step, I think dressing up can be amazing motivation to have a productive day. It's the notion of "looking good, feeling good" - when I think I look put-together, I want my life to feel put-together, too. This technique usually helps me get through finals with ease, and even though I try to look presentable, I make sure not to sacrifice any comfort.

The idea of sitting in a library in some skin-tight jeans seems terrifying, so I always opt for a boyfriend cut with a looser fit. These are Just USA, a boutique brand I love because of their comfy, stretchy denim. They're a little big at the waist, however, so I like to throw on a bulkier top to hide the waistband. Today I oped for a basic gray cashmere t-shirt, layered under a jacket from Zara.

Now I know this jacket might seem familiar - I've got the same one in baby blue, which I styled a few weeks ago. But this deep green is so gorgeous for wintertime, and the detachable shearling collar is my new favorite thing. I have the baby blue jacket in a size medium, but I sized up in the green to get a bulkier fit - perfect for fitting over chunky sweaters without feeling like a marshmallow. The green shearling version also comes in all-black!

I kept the rest of this look super simple, with my trusty ankle boots from Zara and a black paper bag clutch. With a colorful jacket, I like to tone down the rest of my look, and when I want to put in minimal effort, centering the outfit around one statement piece is an easy and effective approach. Also, I'm totally trying to make skinny scarves great again - very Lizzie Maguire, very choker-esque, but more comfy. Thoughts?

Wishing everyone the best of luck with their finals - try my "dress well, test well" method and see if it works for you, too!

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