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Thanksgiving is a mixed bag for me – I hate the food, but I love the family time (and the color palette).

I’ve got a serious penchant for colors that feel like fall, from burnt orange to crisp burgundy to creamy oatmeal. It’s a dreamy color palette for an autumnofile (person obsessed with autumn; very much not a really word) like myself, so naturally, I make sure to take full advantage.

Uhh, except this year, apparently. I wore all black everything.

Most years, I have my Thanksgiving outfit picked out well in advance, usually something I purchased during back-to-school shopping in August, when the first taste of fall fashion hits the shops. This year, however, I ended up quickly packing a suitcase of mismatched sweaters, boots and leggings, so my options were pretty limited. I ended up going with a few staples - my A-line skirt and suede ankle boots from Zara - and paired them both with a flowy cropped Althea blouse from the back of my closet, originally from Bloomingdales. On my lips I'm rocking the tarte Creamy Matte Lip Paint in shade TBT, a personal favorite.

Even my dog, Poppy, looks concerned as to why I've opted for such a dark look on a holiday. Hater.

Despite my failure to live up to my autumn color palette-inspired outfit goals, I really had an amazing Thanksgiving. I think everyone in my family would agree when I say that we love nothing more than coming together. And drinking. And shouting. And laughing. That's about it.

OH. And food. We also love eating food - and lots of it.

This holiday might've left me with a mean wine hangover, but it's also left me feeling incredibly grateful for what I've got - and eager to rush through my finals and get home to my family once again. Hope your Turkey Day was just as good!

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