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As a studio art minor, I am constantly working on photography projects, whether it be putting together a chapbook, designing my website, or shooting a new series. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of seeing one of my very favorite projects on display here at Georgetown - and now I'm here to humble brag about it.

Midnight MUG is a coffeeshop here on campus that resides within our library. Not only is it my favorite place to procrastinate doing my homework, it is also the place where I buy and eat 70% of my meals (sad but true). When they asked me to showcase one of my photography projects on their Art Wall, I was beyond elated, and I knew exactly the series I wanted to display.

Gilded is a project I created during my junior year, made up of three chapbooks that contain twelve images each.

The three booklets each highlight one model and one metallic foil - Vol I: Gold, Vol II: Silver, and Vol III: Bronze.

I gilded and shot the models over the course of about a month, and each finished booklet is also hand-foiled as well.

I wanted the texture to be palpable, since the project's focus is purely aesthetic and not necessarily concept.

The full project can be seen here, and beyond creating the booklets, I had yet to really print the images and display them on a large scale. Getting the opportunity to do so was incredible, and the feedback I received from my peers has been so meaningful and special to me.

Here's a secret - Volume I: Gold is the only book that features

multiple models - I snuck one image of myself into the final lineup!

Hope you guys enjoy checking out some of my photography. I'm definitely going to try to talk about my creative projects here in a little more detail when I can. Stay gold! Or whatever foil you prefer.

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