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The two major things that guarantee a perfect day for me are breakfast food and shopping - especially when the food is delicious and the shopping is successful.

With this criteria in mind, I can say that today was a really good day. It started off at PAUL, my favorite French bakery, where I met my former roommate, Jessie, for some much-needed catching up (and croissants).

Undoubtedly the most attractive picture in this entire post.

After that, we headed to Zara so Jessie could make a return, which was where my shopping inevitably began. I ended up snagging the most perfect black heeled ankle boots - and when I say they were perfect, I mean I immediately put them on and insisted Jessie help me with my OOTD photos. So blame Zara for this one, not me.

If you're really looking to blame Zara, I should admit that I'm actually wearing multiple items that I've purchased there over the past few weeks, including not just the boots, but my backpack and - the major statement - my jacket.

Calling my hair salon and making a dye job appointment for the next time I'm in Jersey ASAP. Apologies. I'm judging me too, trust.

To be honest, I wasn't totally pro backpacks-as-fashion until I saw how fun the monster-inspired backpacks from Fendi looked. As they are hopelessly out of my price range, I was psyched to find this cheaper alternative in Zara. My pack is a little more knapsack-style than the structured Fendi bags, but I think the "eyes" keep it fun and add a pop of something blue. Bonus points that it looks just as cute when held by the top handle.

Speaking of something blue - the jacket. This baby blue dream has been on my wish list since I first saw it at Zara this summer in Florence, Italy. Considering the fact that I had already spent most of my travel money on pasta and gelato, I couldn't snatch it up until just recently, but the current shift in weather towards authentic autumn has been the perfect opportunity to put it to use.

When it comes to busy days (keep in mind I attended three classes after my day's idyllic breakfast/shopping start) I tend to throw on whatever I can find, and the look is usually black-on-black out of pure convenience. Having a statement piece like this to throw on not only kept me warm, but really amped up my look, and it got me quite a few compliments. I can no longer find the blue version online, but they do have the same cut in baby pink, oxblood, and a dark green with detachable shearling collar, the latter of which I also picked up, so you'll no doubt see that styled soon!

Here's to weather that finally feels like fall, and to the simple joys of croissants and new boots.

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