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I can admit that I've never been about that sweatshirt life. I also can't quite rock that 90s jean jacket look that became so popular this summer. Up until this point in my life, the only jacket for me has been my classic black leather moto.

If you had told me last fall that I would rock a puffy pink bomber this year, I'd have thought you were insane.

But now? Layering with jackets is more popular than ever, and it can totally transform a simple look to give it some flair - not to mention comfort - not to mention practicality. The stylish jacket is the trend lazy girls everywhere have been waiting for, myself included. While I wasn't necessarily pro-jacket, I have always, always been pro-pockets.

I styled a few looks using some of my new jacket staples for the fall season, from trendy bombers to chic track jackets. I am featuring two pieces on the lower end of the price bracket (from Forever 21), and two that are totally worth the splurge (from Adidas). Check them out below!

This first piece is from Adidas, and though this particular print isn't on the market anymore, they are constantly coming out with new unique patterns in the same cut. I received this jacket during my internship with Health Magazine, when Jillian Michaels didn't want it at a photoshoot. I am in no way too proud to rock Michaels's hand-me-downs, so I snatched it up post-shoot ASAP. I love this jackets paired with nicer fabrics, like this satin slip, to dress down a look and give it a more casual vibe.

This next jacket is significantly cheaper - from Forever 21, to be exact. This blush pink color is showing up just about everywhere right now, so when I saw this piece, I knew it would stick out in a sea of black moto jackets. To keep things cute, I accessorized it with this emoji pin by PINTRILL, featuring my alter ego and most-used emoji, the sassy girl. And I had to add in a little Calvin, because I'm basic.

This track jacket was the very first item I purchased from Adidas, and I got it on super sale in their huge shop in Soho. I've yet to see another jacket in this chic mesh material, but Adidas have tons of jackets featuring darker, more muted patterns like on this one. I actually tend to wear this piece with my fitness clothes a lot, as the mesh is super breathable, and I don't feel gross chucking it on post-workout. Plus, it's a pop of print on my all-black-everything gym attire.

The final piece I chose to style is another bomber by Forever 21, this one featuring a little more sass than an emoji pin. Between the "DON'T CALL ME CUTE" graphic on the back and the faux suede finish that I'm not scared to spill my drinks on, it's safe to say this jacket is my new go-to. This piece is the perfect conversation starter as well - I rarely wear it out without someone asking me about it!

Hope you loved these looks, and that you'll consider being Pro-Jacket this fall and picking up some new pieces to shake up your wardrobe!

Also - muchas gracias to my friend and amazing photog Amy Huang for these images! Thanks for making me look trendy.

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