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OUT WITH THE OLD... with the new, the cheap, the cute. In with the boots!

When I first spotted the Suzanna Ankle Boots by Chloe, it was love at first sight - I knew they were the perfect ankle boot for all occasions, and without them, any potential outfit would be totally insufficient.

However, they cost over 1K, and I'd rather have insufficient outfits than insufficient funds, am I right? The only logical step was to find an alternative, a dupe, a Chloé-inspired shoe that could fulfill my cravings. With this in mind, I prayed, and Topshop answered, asking only for my faith and about $150.

The gold-embellished Topshop boots on the left are imilar enough to channel the Chloé

vibes, but not copycat enough to be a full-blown knockoff. Cue choir of angels.

Fast-forward three years later, and it's easy to see the wear-and-tear these babies have endured. They have played their part in virtually every look, from my t-shirt and boyfriend jeans days to my monochrome all-black moments - nevertheless, it's time for their curtain call.

Proud of my original bargain-shopper moment, I was intent on finding another cheap alternative, this time with an even lower price tag. I prayed once again, and this time, the gods of the new-and-improved, seriously-having-a-moment Forever 21 responded with these.

These boots are fire. And only $39.90. What whaaaat.

These boots stray a bit further from my original Chloé inspiration, but in a way I really like. After wearing my Topshop pair to death, I realized my favorite part of the look was the statement buckle accent, which the Forever 21 pair totally amplifies. I will likely still wear the Topshop pair every now and then, but when I shot the boots side by side, it was easy to see that my new boots were the perfect replacement - they also leave me enough money in the bank to buy a new outfit to rock them with!

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