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There's nothing like getting dressed up for a day in the city, but the one thing guaranteed to kill my vibe is bad weather. Even worse than stifling heat in the city is a day of humidity and rain, which is exactly what I got on a recent trip to Battery Park to interview for my (new!) job. Nevertheless, I met up with a friend (shout out to Julia, who not only took these photos, but let me play with her goals-AF dog) and got a few shots of this casual look, so I thought I'd share!

When it's too hot for pants but too gross outside for a sundress, a jumpsuit is a light, breezy option - especially when culottes are involved. As a fairly petite girl (read: very petite, I'm 5'1"), culottes used to scare me, but this jumpsuit felt so easy and chic, it was perfect for giving professional interview vibes as well as being cozy enough for shopping and snacking at Balthasar afterwards.

Necklace from Anthropologie. Read more about it here

You're probably wondering - where could this trendy culottes-inspired piece possibly be from?! - and TBH, it's from the Gap. Gap can be extremely hit or miss, and it's not somewhere I go often, but if I need some workwear basics, it's certainly a great spot, and I really recommend it for classic pieces like this that can be jazzed up with some accessories, like I've done here.

Accessories: Michael Kors watch, Pixie Mood purse.

The long strap is detachable, so this bag doubles as a clutch, and the oil-slick style metal chain on the front is removable as well!

Shoes: Aldo, last season. Very similar pair from Steve Madden here!

Gotta be honest - my outfit is cute, but Cato is way cuter than any accessory.

Hope you guys enjoyed this super simple, all-black OOTD! Taking risks and embracing fun trends like culottes is certainly on my to-do list this summer, so expect some more fun and work-appropriate OOTDs coming soon!

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