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Happy May! Today I decided it would be fun to share some favorites for the month of April. I’ve never done this on the blog before, but I hope it will be a fun little series that I can continue during months where my must-have products and moments are worth sharing. My favorites will consist of a variety of things – products, clothes, activities, foods, music, etc. – depending on what motivates me that month, and for April, I’ve got a nice roundup to share with you!

I hope you guys enjoy this new type of post – let me know some of your favorites so I can try them out as well! Until then, enjoy my faves for April below:


After years of struggling with my skin, I have finally developed a routine that works for me. Everyone is different, but I personally cannot recommend Rodial serums enough as the perfect tool to revitalize your complexion. These babies are very expensive, but in my opinion, the results are worth the price. My skin is with me all day, every day – isn’t it worth investing in? I love the Pink Diamond Instant Lifting Serum for a bit of lifted radiance, and the Dragon’s Blood XXL Advanced Sculpting Serum to keep my skin looking plump and healthy. There are tons of other great serums available for a lot less dough; the trick is finding the ingredients that work for you and testing brands that target your desired focuses!

A peek in my planner


I know I said I was done talking about Erin Condren, but this latest update is in no way #sponsored. Prior to being contacted by the EC team, I had always liked the idea of planning but was never ready to commit to the supplies or time requirements. However, I am now a proud die-hard planner girl, and the impact it’s had on my mood and motivation is seriously insane. Getting to decorate my planner and create an aesthetic is so fun and relaxing, and it’s the perfect study break. Writing down my plans has also inspired me to make more plans, which forces me to really get out there and be social, which is another major bonus. Finally, I tend to use my planner’s sidebar to keep track of a daily thankful thought, and reflecting positively on my day has been a serious mood-booster. I can’t recommend planning enough to anyone who might need a bit of motivation, as well as a fun creative outlet!


This sounds so silly and obvious, but the simple act of getting coffee is truly one of my favorite things. I have a Keurig, but something about running to the coffee shop – whether it’s my favorite Peet's, a nearby Starbucks, or an on-campus location – makes me feel so accomplished. I love bringing a laptop along and feeling super productive while I sip, whether I set up shop at a table or take my coffee out on the lawn for some sun. I know there are tons of articles about how skipping daily coffees can save you tons of money, but this one small act brings me a crazy amount of satisfaction, so in the name of my sanity, I’ll take the bill.


You guys, Wet N Wild has seriously upped its game. When I first heard about their new Photo Focus Foundation – which sells for the insanely low price of $5.99 – I had my doubts. Like I said above, I’m willing to invest in anything that touches my skin, and I was skeptical that this cheaper product could do the job of foundations that normally cost me $40.00 a pop. Fortunately, I was so wrong – and I’m so glad I decided to take a chance on this product. It’s completely full coverage, looks great in virtually any lighting, and lasts on my skin all. day. long. I also love the spatula applicator for quick application and touchups. I enjoyed this foundation so much that I decided to pick up the accompanying pressed powder as well, and I love to use the two together to create a truly flawless finish.

That’s it for this month’s favorites! Hope your April has been as lovely as you.

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