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I am tempted to play off the title of this post and begin with, "I'm the realest", but that is endlessly annoying and I'm going to do my best to be the opposite of that on this blog, despite the fact that thinking I am interesting enough to have a blog is intrinsically annoying and conceited to begin with.

But I'm not here to be annoying and conceited - peep me on social media for that, I guess. I'm here because I love to create online content, and a blog is the perfect place to do so. I had a taste of what it would be like when I kept a travel blog during my summer study abroad in Italy, and I've recently created a professional site for my creative pursuits, but beyond that, this is my first true attempt - to me, blogging is a fun new medium to combine the other mediums I love, writing and photography.

Along with the aforementioned, I love fashion, beauty, social media, and music, like any good millennial should. I also love poetry, which has led me to pursue an English major at Georgetown University, where I am currently a senior. I plan to spend most of the year working on my honors thesis, a collection of millennial-communicated-inspired poems entitled Drunk Texts (more on that later).

I've seen a lot of my peers starting blogs lately, and while it seems strange (for instance, I'm writing this as if I have a reader, when for the first few posts I most definitely will not), it's also really intriguing. This is not a medium that could have become popularized in any other era, primarily because it hadn't existed until now. Millennials have the opportunity - nay, the duty - to shamelessly self promote, and while we often judge one another for it, we are subconsciously always on the lookout for more ways to do exactly this. But enough musing - let's get to blogging!

I'm going to use this blog to document whatever I want - photography, writing, beauty, OOTDs, ramblings (no drunk texting - I'll save that for my thesis). If it suits you, I'm glad, and if it doesn't? Thank goodness you're not the one with your name in the title, because that would be awkward.

In the spirit of blogging, this is a large photo of me looking like I have my shit together.

Don't get used to it.

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